Real Car Pool Table for Automobile Junkies Who Love Billiard

real car pool table

If you questioned yourself how much you love your car, you perhaps might talk about the best car you think you would want to buy, or perhaps some drag race you might want to attend. Would you go so far as to build a billiards table and make it as close to a real car as possible? Hurricane Custom Billiards have designed the Real Car Table and true to its name, the table is made of various car parts like chrome wheels, tailpipe cue holders, powder-coated chassis, and even a cool race car like look.

The only thing that the Real car Table might lack is an engine to get the table racing instead of letting players poke at balls. The Unique Autosports Edition even comes with loads of steel, custom lighting, black leather and other such automotive cues which might help you play your cuing game in a better fashion. The table is presently being exhibited at the Unique Autosports South showroom located in Miami.

The table is the stuff that a pool and car lover’s wet dreams are made of. If you feel like getting off this table, visit Miami and be ready to pay loads of dough to get this beauty to your institution or home. If you are like the rest of us who would not be able to get this back home, you could try and admire the Transforming Sofa Pool Table which has got nothing to do with cars and automobiles though.

Via: The Awesomer Via: Hurricane Billiards