Iron Man 2GB USB Flash Drive to Secure your Data

Looking for new USB flash drive? you might want to spare a look at this one, the Iron Man USB Flash Drive that brings the superhero to your computer. This small scale replica of the famous action figure encased in a USB flash drive is one of the few things that might not miss the eyes of a true fan and collector of the famous series.iron man usb flash drive gadget

Standing at a height of 3 inches tall and supporting a huge amount of internal storage space, 2GB to be precise this is one serious piece to be added to any collection of Iron Man. Looking exactly like the superhero himself this USB flash drive promises to protect your valuable data from any harm. With 2 gigabytes of memory one can store all their important files while they are on the go!

Sadly our ‘superhero super flash drive’ is made out of plastic unlike the original character, but do not be dismayed the creators have ensured that the product is top class and can with-stand enormous external forces. Since our super flash drive is now cleared of the blame of not being as strong as his on-screen counterpart, the fact that he is strong and small makes him very portable and efficient¬†to use.

So all those Iron Man fans out there, you might have to think twice before you plan to take your eyes off this collectible because a flash drive having such a strong background as this one over here can hardly be found else where. Let the world know that you have the toughest flash drive around!

Besides, it is just $24.99 and could be both a cool Iron Man product and a practical new gadget to own in one!