Build Your Own Guitar Using Cigar Box

build your own guitar using cigar box

There have many Do-it-yourself kits around in the market which promise to teach you how to build your own guitar, but, these I think, limit the enthusiast’s imagination and most just teach you how to make a standard guitar. Wouldn’t like to make your stringed beauty stand out in the crowd? Then join in the revolution to “resurrect” the Cigar Box Guitar, which is a 3 stringed (number of strings may vary with your imagination), cheap version of a typical acoustic/electric guitar that can be made with regular hardware tools available in your yard.

This rather rough video tutorial below will give you a brief introduction to a method that has been explored for making this stuff and this detailed PDF will give you a proper explanation sans enough pictures (my opinion). So, grab your Dad’s empty cigar box and your toolkit and make a thingie for some serious music.

It may not be a Pacman Guitar or a professionally made Fender Electric Guitar Table, but it is still an amazing and fun project for music enthusiasts.

Cigar Box Guitar