Cool Tetris Tattoo Blocked My Hand!

If you are really crazy about the old time favorite game Tetris, well I am too, and this cool gal Solveeeiq, I do not know where from, just took her childhood obsession to a completely new level; She actually took the pain to tattoo her whole arm to resemble the game play, very cool indeed!.

cool tetris tattoo

Thinking about it, from all the gaming obsessions that have taken place in people’s lives, I find this as one of the most extreme, I mean that decorating your house in the form of a giant Tetris game, getting a Tetris Tattoo, Tetris shelves that are themed on the popular game and other stuff like that don’t even stand a chance in front this new craze when it comes to portraying their love towards these games.

It’s like tattooing the name of someone you love or you never want to forget, but this is way more extreme than that – just get a tattoo done to remember your childhood all time favorite!.

Sadly for our girl I bet she cannot play the game on her hand, or can she? who knows what new gadget might just appear out of the blue, ….. or her flesh maybe!

Thanks Solveeeiq for the image!