Tetris Salt and Pepper Shaker Set For Table Top Timepass

tetris salt and pepper shaker set

Off lately, I have come across many geeks who have openly accepted that the legendary time pass game, Tetris which has taken a toll on their minds and they are ready to do almost anything to get their hands on a Tetris souvenir. I guess this girl, a user calling herself thinkchildthink, is surely one of those geeks who is crazy about Tetris. I mean, why would anyone care to make a Tetris block shaped salt dispenser, pepper grinder-cum-dispenser and an empty whatever-you-could-use-for shaker?

The P-shaped pepper grinder, S-shaped salt dispenser and the upside down T-shaped empty shaker surely do proper justice to the celebrity that Tetris is. This girl made these cool wooden exotic shakers and grinders, which, I think, are a collector’s choice of antique, don’t you agree? And, yes, don’t go in for the delicate looks of this sturdy thing. It is definitely able to grind your pepper to fine powder, without doubt, that is.

We caught up with the maker:

These amazing Tetris Shakers are way different than the Salt and Pepper Batteries and were created by Emma, a 19 year-old ID student at The Ohio State University as an assignment for an Industrial Design course. They are made of poplar poplar wood, and everything was created alone with the exception of the pepper grinding mechanism which was taken from a store-bought pepper grinder and embedded inside this Tetris design.

Thanks Emma for the info and images…awesome job!

cool tetris designed salt and pepper