Word Radio Speaks Louder than Words!

With technology progressing at the speed of a light year per second, cool gadgets that marked the base of today’s gizmo world have fast been loosing their true identities and having to reinvent themselves all over. Your phone is more a digital camera and your digital photo frame does all the functions of your digital media player. The situation has become such that you have to tag each appliance in your house with a sticky tape, isn’t it? And this user called Mintselect has taken a serious note of the above said by redesigning a few stuff of a normal household such that each device tags itself by it’s typographical function (the device design spells its name!). Confused? Take a look at the images to get a clear view of what I mean to say.

word radio design

Called the “Used as Read” series, the stackable lineup includes a speaker, a remote control, a woofer, a music player and amp, a radio and a lamp. This is a design that music companies gotta opt for to increase their fan base and, of course, sales, what say? And like those afro style speakers that promise to jive your party, this piece of novelty in white will surely provide your room with a geeky twist , don’t you agree?

Via: Yanko Design