Bloom Lamp Lights up the Room

This Bloom Clip Lamp is here and there and almost everywhere you need a small touch of lighting in a classy and compact combination for flower lovers. The new lamp is very handy and can be clipped on to almost anything, where a speck of light is needed.

flower bloom lamp

Approved by the UL this lamp is here to lighten up any day. The small and handy design makes it incredibly portable and easy to install and use. Any 40 watt chandelier bulbs can be compatible with the new Bloom.

Bloom comes in three different color schemes- Tickled Pink, Vibrant Green and Classic Ivory, and can also be placed upon anything, all thanks to the wonderful clip design which is multi-hinged and highly adjustable.

Now all the hassles we used to face just to get a new bulb holder fixed on a wall, all the drilling and fixing the screws and other such tedious tasks, all have been taken care of by the easy to handle and install- Bloom.

I remember that once I almost got electrocuted while trying to fix a new bulb holder, but now that Bloom lamp has arrived, I feel at ease as it is much easier to fix and use, kind of like ‘plug and play’.

Bloom is sure to brighten up any gloomy day!

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Via: World Wide Fred