A Tulip Earphone Guard to Protect your Earphones

tulip earphone guard

Are your pockets totally dismantling your earphones, or in other words are your earphones being subject to a lot of damage and dust? It’s time you give your little earphones a little breather and get them a Tulip Earphone Guard, which is something to look after them when they are in your pockets or purse or anywhere else.

Available for approximately $4 this small pouch means big when you earphones are concerned. Made from the best quality cloth material (please don’t ask me which material as I myself am clueless but it sure does look like a good material to me), the Tulip earphone guard is ensured to give total protection to those tiny earplugs.

Tulip Earphone Guard is not only meant to protect your earphones from external damage but also from things like dust and other such threats. Using these will ensure you that your expensive and treasured earphones are going to remain intact until the next time you use them.

I know that many out there including me, have lost their earphones due to improper protection from external hazards and dust, but now it makes me a bit more relaxed knowing that my earphones would be intact and very much the same the next time I use them.

So every one out there who lost their earphones due to some bad luck and not so good handling can now actually be care free as this new product claims to take care of your earphones as gently as a Tulip!

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