Almost DIY 3D Robot Greeting Cards

robot greeting card

If you were tired of sending 2D greeting cards with the same old boring mushy messages, why not start sending something cool and three dimensional, such as a 3 Dimensional Robot Greeting Card?

Gagatree has developed a cool new greeting card called the RoboCard which can be assembled, dismantled and packed up in an envelope and sent to your loved ones without any hitch. After the recipient receives it, he or she can again assemble all the parts and create the robot in a matter of few minutes, as shown in the cool video below.

cool greeting cards robot diy

The RoboCard comes with all the pieces, a note card, an assembly guide and of course an attractive envelope that can be used to send it. When you assemble the RoboCard, it stands about 10 inches tall. It comes in three different designs and I am sure you would love to buy all the three. It may seem geekish, but it has an 80s kind of charm to it and it seems less geekish and more pop art.

cool robot greeting cards

I guess this will start a new beginning where we will not just open an envelope and read the message and stash it between books, but instead work to assemble it after receiving a greeting from a loved one. Once assembled, the 3D greeting card can be showcased in the living room and I am damn sure you would like it a lot!

Thank you Tony Leung for the info, video and images!