Cool and Colorful Tetris Shelves Design

cool tetris shelves

This should have been created a long time ago, for it is simple logic to anyone who is a major Tetris fan and wants the game within their every day life outside of the video games. The Tetris game itself is about fitting shapes together, so now you can convert any of your weird shaped shelves into a Tetris Wall shelf just like the one in the above picture.

The artists are admittedly geeks, and I am sure they say that with great liking and respect for the game. The Tetris shelf can come in handy to stuff lots of things cos of the different shapes, but it can also be the one to use up a lot of space. I think the idea would have been better applied like the Tetris Furniture, but if there was already a certain amount of space on the wall and lots of stuff to be packed into it, so a shelf using the shapes of Tetris bricks would fit right in. It is definitely a catchy idea, just like the game.

The artist, Hannah Faye, was honest enough to admit that her boyfriend Will was the mastermind behind these Tetris shelf creations and mentioned that they are made of MDF and hardboard. Hannah herself painted the shelves with acrylic paints and explain that once assembled, they stand at 80cm at the tallest area.

Overall…awesome Ode to Tetris with these cool shelves. Thank you for the details and photos Hannah!