Steampunk Pacman Arcade: Game On Old School

Are you bored of all those new gaming consoles that just keep coming up every now and then and are looking for something that is classic and fun at the same time? Look no further the Steampunk Pacman game arcade console will take you right back into the nineteenth century, the roadside gaming arcades and the fun filled gaming experiences when all we had were Pacman, Space Invaders and later on Super Mario Brothers.

steampunk pacman game arcade

This classic game piece which looks as though it was just transported right from the past, actually works like one too; it does not work on electricity, no sir! it is what those people in the old days called- a clockwork piece!. There is a handle to the right of the console which says “wind”, so it is obviously powered by winding the springs inside.

It has a start button and a four way joystick for controls. The ghosts have been given an upgrade too, each has been provided with a lush, black mustache which makes them look more like Gentle Men rather than ghosts.

So all those out there who were in search of something classy and fun might like to have a look at this, the Pacman made especially for all the Past Gaming Freaks turned Gentle Men.Enjoy a classic game in a the classic arcade gaming mode. A Blast From The Past!

Via: Kotaku