Tetris Game Shelves Design

Everyone enjoys a fun game of Tetris, with the colorful little blocks that fit into each other and form a line and combination that challenge all those that play. Virtually everyone who has played a computer game has most definitely played Tetris, and it provides hours of entertainment for even the most exacting of gamers. The mindless fun that Tetris provides is virtually unparalleled by any other game.

Ok, enough of the whole Tetris talk. Coming back to this post, as the name suggests, it is about a bunch of Tetris shelves that are available at Brave Space Design. The Tetris Furniture are all completely customizable and are essentially made up of five shapes. These are the shapes that are available

tetris shelves design

This is essentially all you need to make the shelves. Once you have these four shapes, you can pretty much build your own shelf so that it fits the exact requirement of your room. Pretty nifty right? But that isn’t it. These shelves are available in a range of sizes depending on how large your room or space is.

This is the standard version


Then there is the mini version which is about 2/3 the size of the original Tetrad shelf. There is also the flat Tetrad shelf which is made of 10 different kinds of blocks and looks like quite a space saver. This version is very colorful as well, and finally there is the bamboo version of the Tetrad shelves with amber and natural bamboo.