Tasty Video Game Logo Cupcakes

These tasty treats are for those people with a sweet tooth who simply love their video games… That’s right, Liana (Star Bakery) made these cupcakes for her husband’s birthday, and put the pictures up on the Internet. Now I’m sure gamers from around the world would give anything to sink their teeth into these wonderful cupcakes as Pacman fans would love the Pacman Cupcakes. The best part is that they look so amazing that you probably want to preserve them instead of eating them, but that is a dilemma most of us will face I am sure.

cool video games cupcakes

There are so many gaming logos and game snapshots on these cupcakes that it is a gamers dream come true. Unfortunately the picture doesn’t seem to have all of them on it, but I’m sure they are just as good as the seven that you can see over here.

According to Liana, these cupcakes didn’t even take that long to make, but if you intend to make them, you will need to find someone to do the toppings for you. If you can’t, then maybe Liana will be nice enough to bake you a batch? (I somehow don’t think so, but if she does, I’m hoping she’ll send me one as well).

These cupcakes are ideal for birthdays or special occasions, or even as a gift for a friend. (hint hint hint!).