Hellboy Turns into a Cuddly Keychain Figure

Hellboy is back from the hell, not to protect humans but their set of keys instead, and now folks are presenting to you the Hellboy Key Chain Mini Figure that will surely make the comic book fans happy. The 2.5″ tall ambassador from hell is here to safeguard all your keys to your safes.

cool hellboy keychain figure

The pint-sized Hellboy is much toned down and has transformed into a cuddly piece of collection, and is made out of impermeable PVC which grants him supernatural plastic powers. Also, him being articulated, he comes in a unique blister pack, and a cool collectors edition postcard is also included.

The collaborated work of Hon Kong publisher Imprezzion, the red hot toy manufacturer Toy2R and Dark Horse toys present one of Mike Mingola’s top creations- Art Toys. The “Art Toys” are a set of all the cool action figures, which are toned down to resemble cute and cuddly collectible merchandise of their respective on screen counterparts. They can be called the twisted but fun look of modern action heroes.

Selling for $9.99 each, he can be brought over at Entertainment Earth. Something so cute and cuddly could suddenly turn into the fiercest of the rivals when it comes to the protection of the keys of it’s owners. Hellboy definitely unlocked the locks of our hearts by turning into the key-keeper.

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