iProd Mystery Apple Device

apple iprod device

The world never ceases to amaze and when it comes to Apple, they leave you balancing almost on the tip of your toes with all their enigmatic developments. This time around, reporters have revealed that the latest iPhone firmware v3.1 beta lists a mysterious Apple device called the “iProd”.

There already was a mention of the mystery device code in the v3.0 firmware where it was listed as the iProd0,1. In the latest addition, it is listed as the iProd1,1 which suggests Apple has been working on the device for quite some time and that iPhone 3G S has nothing to do with it.

new iprod device apple

iProd1,1 comes with a Configuration Descriptor of standardMuxPTPEthernet which is similar to the one used for iPhone models. However, the iProd also seems to have networking capabilities. Perhaps, 1,1 suggest that the iProd has reached the production stage and Apple might announce the new and mysterious device anytime soon. Analysts are speculating that the device could be a tablet and rumors reveal that Apple has been purchasing 10 inch displays.

As of now, we can’t confirm what the device is all about or even when it perhaps might be released. Some expect the device to be launched in September and some expect it to be announced in the first quarter of 2010. From all this, a couple of things are clear. Apple had been planning a device for quite some time and it is highly probable that the device would be launched sometime soon. It is also quite possible that the device is a sort of a tablet.

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Via: Electronista