Gadgets The Chocolate Mouse is the Perfect Mouse for Chocoholics

The Chocolate Mouse is the Perfect Mouse for Chocoholics

First they had the Chocolate USB Flash Drive, now someone came up with the chocolate mouse to add some more sweetness to you geekiness.

Chocoholics from around the world will simply adore this wonderful new mouse that is shaped like a chocolate bar. In fact, it looks like someone took a bite out of the chocolate bar which makes it even more appealing somehow. The pictures at least look completely authentic, so all you chocolate lovers out there, start ordering now.

chocolate wireless computer mouse

As you can see, it looks simply perfect. The chocolate bar mouse costs £21.90 and works with 2 AAA batteries, and the best part is that they are completely wireless.The only problem is that this mouse is only useful if you are trying to get the look right. In an age where ergonomics count for a lot, especially with the long hours that everyone puts into using a computer, this mouse could probably be a little cumbersome, because it provides to wrist support whatsoever. Another problem that people might face is that the chocolate mouse has some sharp edges, and so it could prove to be uncomfortable.

However, if you truly love chocolate, then none of the things I mentioned would be a problem. It would simply be a pleasure to use it. If you don’t want to use it yourself, it would also be a great gift to give a friend, or a mom. Maybe a sort of practical/romantic Valentine’s Day gift.

For other sweet creations for your Techy and Geeky world, check out the Chocolate iPhone Case and the Smores Keyboard.


Via: [Lazy Bone UK]

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