Super Mario Tattoos, Disease Plush Toys, iPhone Virus Solution [Walyou Roundup]

We covered some fun and interesting stuff this week at Walyou, and the Roundup consists of cool Super Mario Brothers tattoos, Diseased plush toys, the iPhone virus solution, movie characters cellphone charms, dragon ball z, Hellboy, Bumblebee Transformer, Tetris and more great posts.

If you run across good items that would fit in the weekly roundup (or as a featured post), please send them to [email protected].

funny beverly hills cop cellphone charms

Enjoy the posts and have a wonderful weekend!

Cool Posts from Walyou:

1. Famous Movie Characters Cellphone Charms are a Riot!

2. Wooden Computer Art Table for the Eco-friendly

3. Hellboy Turns into a Cuddly Keychain Figure

4. Dragon Ball Z Figures are Full of Action

5. Tetris Game Cushions are Very Cute

6. Disease Shaped Plush Toys are Dangerously Cute

7. Mario and Luigi Tattoos on my Feet

8. Bumblebee Transformer Chevy Camaro Hits the Roads

9. Bacon and Egg iPhone Case Design Looks Tasty

10. Apple Fixes iPhone SMS Hack with iPhone OS 3.0.1 Solution

11. Geeky USB Port Tattoo

12. Super Michael Jackson Bros. Video Game