Luxury PCs from Gaiser Can’t Impress Geeks!

gaiser  computer pc gold plate

If a thorough geek had all the cash in the world to burn, what would he actually do or what computer would he build? Probably he’ll configure the fastest mean machine, but definitely not a Gold plated PC. You got to be someone like the Hilton Heiress to buy bling’d editions of cool gadgets which have less impressive technical specs. Gaiser’s new line of luxury PC is for the less-intelligent but privileged bunch of guys who buy stuff to add to their status quotient and not really use them.

gold plater computer pc gaiser

The PCs don 24-karat parpartial gliding with Gold Leaf. Moreover, the makers provide  an option to customize their machines to suit as per individual buyer requirements. There are about 8 designs with prices starting from $7,820 and going until $32, 000.  Some people might argue that they rather spend this enormous amount of money on computer mods and hacks on their existing machines into something that is both groovy and useful.

gaiser gold computer pc

Via DVICE/Gaiser