Lego Wraps Up the Old School Gaming Frenzy

pacman video game lego versionIf you had to remember and present you most amazing Lego creation, what would it be and what could it amount to? Well, Burak Bezier just definitely shows and takes his Lego art to the extreme level of old school gaming. Combining two of the most iconic toys of the 80s and the 90s Burak seems to have come up with some very amazing Lego creations, which some of us would only dream about.

Working on projects like Pacman and Space Invaders which were the classic games of the early gaming era, he seems to have brought the Lego art culture into the gaming world as well. It looks as though destiny always had this in store for the fans of both of these classics. This is some art that needs some very serious appreciation from everyone regardless they enjoy gaming or Lego, or not.

Also we should not forget other such wonderful creations like the Hellboy Lego version or the Lego Motorcycle or something that is probably one of the most weird, the Lego Bricks. These are the creations that virtually carry on the legacy of classics like the Lego to the future generations. Anyway, something needs to be made very clear; these art forms might soon become extinct if we do not show our appreciation towards these amazing artists. So please try and show these artists a little appreciation even though it may be in the form of a comment, appreciation can work wonders.

via: Behance