Become Darth Vader with Skylasers: Laser Pointers on Steroids

green laser pointer walyou

I remember when laser pointers were first introduced and the big hype and excitement they caused many children, including myself. The thing is, time has evolved since, and those old laser pointers don’t excite anymore and seem just like some cheap toy…until I got my hand on one of these Green Laser Pointers from Skylasers, which are absolutely amazing and seem like they are on steroids.

green laser pointer

The model I had the privilege of trying out is 125mH and really helped act out some Star Wars fighting scenes, as the strong laser shot out brightly and for an amazing distance. Along with a good friend, we were able to keep the camera shutter open and display Walyou using the laser as you can see in the images – boys will be boys.

green laser pointers walyou

Skylasers have many different lasers with various capabilities, distances, colors and power, which can get so strong that they can light a match or melt a credit card (demonstration video below) and it is recommended to use the safety glasses they provide. Moreover, to reduce harm to children or misuse, a special key is provided to lock the laser, so no kids will accidentally start using it on people or themselves.

cool green laser pointer

These green laser pointers are more than just a simple pointing device and could be a lot of fun for growing boys, but with such power comes great responsibility. This means that they are a lot of fun, but should be used with care…because they are not toys but powerful lasers. So for the professional who is looking for something with a lot of extra power, hype and possibilities, these powerful laser pointers provide the answer.