Cool PC Mod Looks Like a Microphone

cool pc mod of a mic

Computer PC mods have never failed to catch my eye, and this cool PC mod does just the same with its resemblance to a vintage microphone made into a giant. The uber cool mod, created by a certain slipperyskip, is an exact copy of the Unidyne microphone (the likes of which were used by Elvis Presley in his concerts).

cool mic computer case mod

The PC case is made up of wood, with a coating or two of aluminum metallic paint, which adds to the charm of the mod. Even a wooden Unidyne logo has been added at the correct spot to give the mod an authentic feel. The grids are in perfect places, and the mic stand with the circular rings is quite authentic. But, what according to me really makes this mod different than all the others out there in the market is the dedication devoted by the creator of this mod. If you look closely at the images below, you will notice how the modder smartly uses thick VGA cables instead of the slim ones available in the market. No, the modder is not the “old is gold” type, I guess. The use of thick VGA cable blends in with the giant microphone giving this mod an altogether feel of originality, what say?The only thing that I think is missing is the CD Rom drive (I cannot spot it anywhere in the picture).

computer pc mod giant microphone

Also provided below is an image of the original Shure 55 Unidyne microphone, so that you can compare at gawk at the brilliant piece of geeky art that is present in front of your eyes.

giant mic computer pc mod