Giant GI Joe Stickers are Awesome!

cool gi joe duke wall sticker

I don’t know what’s going on in the minds of the producers of the movie GI Joe: Rise Of Cobra, for publicizing your film by launching a few franchise products is quite understandable, but, these people are insane! To their ever growing list of merchandise, these giant, life size stickers are another entry.

Available in variants of Duke, the GI Joe army leader and Snake Eyes, the leader of the Elite force, these giant appliqués will protect your room from any threat from Cobra and his gang of mischief makers. This cool wallpaper kinda stuff, which is quite easy to apply, can be easily removed and repositioned without damaging your wall in any way and that too, without leaving behind all the gooey, black and sticky mess, which stickers are infamous for. Included in this pack are two more small stickers, of which one is a GI Joe logo and the other is a nameplate of the character.

Both, the Snake Eyes appliqué and Duke appliqué can be bought separately, where Snake Eyes is $21.99 and Duke is priced the same at $21.99, which I think is quite reasonable. If your fetish for GI Joe is more than just collecting stickers, then you would like to take a look at this GI Joe collector’s edition set, the bonus features of which will definitely catch your eye.

cool gi joe snake eyes sticker