The New Vortex Cocktail Shakers are Best to Mix a Drink


If you enjoy a good cocktail, but you are tired of making them the conventional way, then you should get yourself the new Vortex Cocktail Shaker. This revolutionary new gadget will allow you to mix cocktails to perfection with the simple flick of a switch, and is ideal for anyone who loves mixing technology with alcohol (who doesn’t really?). This is actually kind of cooler than the bullet cocktail shaker simply because it does more than just look cool.

This awesome device is not only handy, but it is also wonderful to watch it at work. It creates the perfect blend by swirling the liquid around at high speeds, creating a vortex. This in turn ensures that all the ingredients are evenly blended, and you have the perfect cocktail at the end of it.

Now here are five reasons why you should buy this mixer. The first one is that it allows you to make cocktails (ok, that one was simple), and if you don’t drink alcohol, you can mix mocktails or protein shakes or whatever it is that you drink). The second one is that it makes your life simpler by saving you the trouble of having to shake your drink, and instead all you have to do is press a tiny button. The third reason is that it is cheap (only $20, which is a steal). The fourth is that it is durable and portable (made of acrylic and powered by AAA batteries). The fifth and final reason is that it looks awesome when its mixing your drink.

cool vortex cocktail shaker

Via: Nerd Approved