Hourglass Coffee Maker Brews Fresh Coffee for Two Weeks

cool hourglass coffee maker

When it comes to addiction, the favored fix for most people (next to coke, of course) is coffee along with the aroma, smell and look to receive right in the morning. Not a day, or hour, could go by without people reaching out for their favorite cup of coffee. Whether you like it with dollops of cream or bitter enough to sedate a small mammal, you just can’t do without the daily dose of coffee.

Then again, there are all those people who would rather tell you about how unhealthy it is so you won’t be able to continue with your favored sin. Perhaps, there is a chance you can, well, have your coffee and drink it, too! Hourglass is a coffee maker that isn’t just extremely chic in design but claims to do away with all the negative effects related to coffee as well. Apparently, the cold brewing style used by the coffee maker reduces the acid in the coffee by nearly 70% and without taking away the natural good taste of it.

The curvaceous coffee maker is extremely easy to use, requiring you to brew the ground coffee with cold water first and adding hot or cold water to the brewed extract. If you’re the lazy type, have someone brew the coffee for you and leave it in the fridge for whenever you desire a cup. The extract stays fresh and tasty for two weeks, or so they say! The Hourglass coffee maker is worth the $79.95 it is being sold for and will make you gain a newfound respect for time.

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