USB Microscope for Budding Scientists!

usb microscope gadget

Well, seeing things under a microscope was probably the only part I liked about Science as a subject in my school curriculum and I miss it daily. I had my own set of prejudices to not take up science for graduation only to regret it later when a friend happened to show me live cancer cells through the eye of one of the greatest inventions of science. e-Supply Japan’s new EEA-MAN1011 USB microscope can help me nurture my interest in the comfort of my house.

cool usb microscope

The digital microscope allows the user to view his specimens through his computer screen. The makers have teamed with Sanyo Japan who contributes by fixing a 2 MegaPixel censor, capable of up to 150x zoom. The resolution is definitely not too impressive, but the product is mainly to instill the urge of exploring things in elementary kids. It comes with a stand, a flexible arm and an LED light, and the whole kit of the product comes with a bunch of image-editing software too, but unfortunately in Japanese only. The arm has a mirror which can be brought close to any area for a closer look, for example, your teeth and ears.

usb microscope images

Japan has always been the world-pioneer for amazing tech-products, but on the flip side, most of the stuff are not available on the global shelf. This USB microscope is no exception. Its priced at $130 and if you badly want one, you will have to import it…Sob sob.

If you are looking for other cool alternative, check out the Video Display Microscope and the Mini USB Digital Endoscope.

Via AkihabaraNews