A Wall Clock That Hates Numbers

cool clock design without numbers

I have always hated numbers and that is the reason why this QLOCKTWO wall clock got my eyes staring at them, for the best part is that the funky wall clock, which was earlier only available in German, is now available in an English version. Yes, you read it right; you finally have a word clock that prefers words more than numbers and adds some glam to your room at the same time.

wall clock design no numbers

Although, the Sushi Wall Clock design also discarded numbers from its face, this QLOCKTWO design by Beirgert and Funk is something that’s par excellence, ain’t I right? This piece of elegance, that’s up for grabs in a variety of color choices, will surely burn a deep hole in your pockets with its sky rocketing price tag of about $1600 (you get and HDTV with this much bucks), but the piggy bank is always ready for your rescue (if you know about a word called S-A-V-I-N-G), isn’t it? Anyways, to help you in your buy, we have this video posted here that’s in German, but, you can always mute the sounds and play some rock songs in the background, savoring the beauty of science and elegance present in front of your eyes, right?

And if you really are in love with maths and this find here is antagonistic to your choices, then you may fall in for the Geeky Math Clock.

Via: Engadget