Tetris Hair Cut Design for the Brick Headed

Long locks, spikes or the braids might just be excluded from the list of any geek’s idea of a cool hair cut, but the new thing in the hair cut catalog of any geeks might be to get his/her hair cut themed upon their favorite Tetris games or gaming characters. Wip-Hairport has just demonstrated his love for games by getting a cool hair cut themed upon his all time favorite game Tetris.

tetris bricks hair cut design

Like all cool dudes, he seems to have gone a step further into depicting his love for the game. Tattoos were once the ultimate body canvas for anyone to showcase their bond to a particular thing, but now we might be witness to an extremely new form of body modification that empowers us to showcase our love towards anything without having to go through the pain of getting a tattoo done.

cool tetris game hair cut design

The best part of this new trend could be that unlike a tattoo, one does not need to spend money for getting it removed. Also, the best part is that your hair will not disappear once you manage to make that perfect combination.

new tetris game haircut

If this is way too extreme for you, you can go for the milder versions of showcasing your love, like the Tetris Shelves or the Tetris Table Top Shakers for a fun time at your house. For the iron hearted check out the Tetris Heartis Tattoo to showcase their softer side.