iPhone Gets Invaded By The Space Invaders Design

iPhone, the cool new phone has just been invaded and hacked into… rather etched into, by the super cool and classic Space Invaders video game from the past. The attack was apparently led by an earthling who goes by the name Nick Bilton, who presented many surprises for the lovers of old school games, who now own the iPhone.

space invaders game iphone design

What do you do when you own a super costly, high end Laser Etcher and an iPhone, and obviously a lot of free time? That was probably the question Nick would have asked himself prior to this project. This Laser-Aged dude found himself a new way to combine his old age and new age passions together in a wonderful way. He actually etched his old love into his new one!, now not many people can do that. Nick got his iPhone’s rear case etched, and something tells me that he had a close call a couple of times.

space incaders design on iphone

Anyways, this is something that might set off a new trend. People instead of rushing to stores to buy the latest iPhone mod, would in fact stay at home and build their own ones instead!. Oh! but the Laser Etcher is still a problem, not every one owns one, so you better check out these cool iPhone cases which will put a smile on your face. And if you are looking for something very bold and outstanding, the Sparkling Metallic iPhone cases would be perfect.

laser etched iphone design