Hamburger Cushions Design are Ideal for Couch Potatoes

If you love food, then these Hamburger Cushions are the perfect choice for your living room, and in fact, they arrive as set of seven cushions that assemble to look like a hamburger. I’m sure they will provide the perfect addition to any room, and just think of the conversations you can center around these cushions :).

hamburger pillow cushions

Hamburgers are really gaining popularity in the geek world with a whole range of hamburger based products being available on the market: the Hamburger yo-yo, the Cheeseburger telephone, the Cheeseburger dress and the most amazing Hamburger Bed ever seen. These cushions however, are probably the best looking and the coolest of the lot. I mean, imagine sitting inside (or on) a hamburger, EATING a hamburger… I don’t think anything could beat that.

cheeseburger pillow cushions

This is how it looks when you take apart the different layers. Everything else looks cool, except the tomatoes. There is something about it that is just not right, although this doesn’t matter when you re-assemble the burger. Almost looks good enough to eat don’t you think?

Except for the slightly weird tomato cushions, all the cushions are about 75cm wide (about 30″ if you were wondering). The tomatoes are 35 cm or just under 14″ wide. You can either choose to buy these deliciously cool cushions either with, or without the stuffing. I don’t know how it would look without the stuffing, but I assume that you will have to stuff it before you use it. This whole set costs $220, which is not exactly dirt cheap, but it’s probably worth paying a little more for these awesome cushions IMHO.

Etsy’s Via: Freshome