Nokia Barges into Netbook Market with Booklet 3G

nokia booklet 3g netbook

Just when we thought things couldn’t get more competitive in the arena of laptops and netbooks, Nokia has announced its snazzy netbook called the Booklet 3G. Nokia seems to be diversifying into a hitherto much tried market of netbooks, in order to become a complete mobile solutions company.

The netbook itself looks pretty awesome, and many analysts feel it resembles the MacBook Air, instead of a regular netbook. The Booklet 3G is expected to run on Intel’s Atom processor though the speed of which is not known yet. Nokia would also use Microsoft’s Windows OS though it is not clear yet if they would be using a stripped down or a full version.

nokia netbook booklet 3g notebook pc

The coolest feature however has to be the claimed 12 hour battery life which would give Nokia an edge over other popular netbooks in the market. It would have a screen of 10 inches and would weigh just 1.25 kilograms making it extremely portable, and convenient to use. Nokia would be competing with pioneers of netbook Asus, and also Dell and HP who have their own versions of netbooks. Asus had announced their EEE PC 900 recently, which seems to be doing pretty well. Rumours also predict that it would use the Windows 7 instead of the Vista which has become quite unpopular.

Surprisingly, the Nokia Booklet 3G comes with many astonishing features such as a built-in GPS, wireless 3G data connection, 2 cm thickness, HDMI port for High Definition content, Ovi Suite for syncing between phone, netbook and The Cloud, access to Nokia Music Store, 802.11n Wi-Fi, and many other features which are not revealed yet. The amazingly thin and portable Booklet 3G comes in blue, silver and black.

nokia pc booklet 3g

The Booklet 3G is feature rich, snazzy, chic, portable and comes from the house of Nokia, and thus things can’t really go wrong here. Many analysts however fear Nokia is venturing into a saturated market and that too with razor sharp competition which could hurt their already bleeding profits. Nevertheless, Nokia seems to see this as an opportunity to diversify its market and take on Apple and other companies which have products for both cell phone and netbook users.

Nokia Via: Reuters/CNET