Plasma Lamp To Scare The Bed-Time Monsters Away

All of the children and even the adults when in their childhood must have been visited by the most famous bed time monster of all time- the Boogie Man, who takes the children off into the unknown if they were awake past midnight. Now, for the grown up folk all this might seem a myth and nothing but a tell-a-tale, but for the much younger section of the community these characters still prowl under their beds at night. Enter the Ghost-Busting Plasma Lamp, your companion of Light through the Night.

plasma night lamp design

Plasma is considered to be the fourth state of matter, formed when a solid melts and gets converted into the gaseous form while being stripped of all it’s electrons. Plasma has a huge potential in every field of man’s life and some of them are just being discovered. Providing enough light to the room so that the Boogie Man stays out, while at the same time keeping the light dim enough to grant you a good night’s sleep is the primary objective of the Plasma Lamp.

cool plasma lamp design

The speciality of plasma is that it needs very little power to illuminate, that property enables it to be the perfect bed time lamp to ward off all evil. This new state of the art Lamp fits easily into the standard 110V power outlet and uses very less amount of power probably even less than the standard battery charger. Selling for $15.99 at, it is a small price to pay when it can add a little light to the dark and sleepless nights of children.

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