Pollutacuda is a Sarcastic Barracuda Robot Sculpture Taking on Technological Solutions

barracuda fish robot design

Science and technology has always been used to solve problems they caused in the first place, but with that in mind, you may have heard about the robotic fish which was developed by a UK team. The Robotic Fish is supposed to detect pollution in the water and transmit it back to researchers via Wi-Fi.

It might have been passed off for a really intelligent way to solve environmental and technological damages done to marine life and sea water, but Jud Turner, the acclaimed artist has reasoned out that the robotic fish might cause a lot of pollution itself as there is no mention of how this machine is powered.

Thus, he feels that using technology to solve problems created by technology is a really bad idea, unless everything is “clean” for sure. He imagined and created his own artistic representation of the Robotic Fish and called it the “Pollutacuda (pollution detecting fish robot, prototype #52-E)”. Pollutacuda looks quite scary, ominous and polluting itself but then being a prototype it would be as clean as “art” always is. We cannot say the same thing about the innocent looking robotic fish by the UK team though.

In fact, Pollutacuda could signify what a “barracuda” technology really is, for just like the barracuda, science and technology consume all things natural and man-made, whether good or bad. It is an amazingly clever and visually striking welded steel and found object assemblage. Jud really knows how to create some of the best artistic prototype, collectibles, sculptures and other works.

We have written about many of Jud’s interesting artworks including the Terminator Skeleton Bicycle, Internal Combustion Engine Bone Art, and Animal Themed Bicycle among many others. Jud’s representation of the robotic fish being a scientific barracuda is not just artistic but is quite prophetic in nature as to what technology might really do to our seas, rivers, forests and mountains.