Gadgets Glow In The Dark Toilet Paper is A Butt Saver

Glow In The Dark Toilet Paper is A Butt Saver

Imagine yourself in a lovely summer house on the country side, you are enjoying a fun filled evening with your family, a nice dinner has been laid out on the table… suddenly the bathroom calls, and you need to attend the natures call very urgently, as soon as you are done and are about to breathe a sigh of relief there is a power cut and darn.. no sign of the toilet paper. All of a sudden, from the pitch dark night you see a gentle glow of light, is it a glow warm, a torch or is it… no it can’t be.. it’s the Glow In The Dark toilet Paper, your very own butt saver is here.

funny toilet paper glows in the dark

Although this seems to be something out of a sci-fi movie, the glowing toilet paper is a reality. You would not believe how far the toilet tech has gone, from vacuum powered toilets for the space shuttle to this amazing new discovery. Selling for only $8, this piece of extreme toilet tech is sure to grant some weary souls some relief.

glow in the dark toilet paper gag

A really cool gag has just come to my mind, you get one of these, and when a guest uses the toilet you purposely turn off the lights and let the fun begin. But if you are living in a metropolitan area, then i guess this might just be a waste so why not check out this cool Origami Toilet Paper that lets you become an artist while you have some me time.

via: Slippery Brick Via: Geekologie


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