GI Joe Katana Swords To Join The Elite Ninja Force

gi joe snake eyes sword

If I were to pick my favorite weapon from the ones shown in the blockbuster movie, the GI Joe: Rise of Cobra, then I will definitely opt in for the Katana swords that the elite group leader Snake Eyes and his arch enemy Storm Shadow possess. Although, not as hi-tech as the other weapons shown in the flick, this ancient weapon of close combat has a charm of its own, which still remains unmatched.

gi joe storm shadow sword

Presented here are both the Katana swords featured in the movie, where Snake Eyes sword measures 36 5/8 inches long, with 24 ¼ inches long blade and that of Storm Shadow is a white beauty measuring 38 ¼ inches long, sporting a blade that is 27 inches long. Both the swords are made up of hand forged, high carbon steel and feature a false edged blade with double fuller grooves, with etched GI Joe emblems. Snakes Eye’s sword features a black, lightweight and skeletonized handle, whereas, Storm Shadow’s sword shows a white handle that’s covered with leather and ray-skin wrapped grip. The swords are precisely replicated from the props used in the movie and both come packed with a certificate of authenticity and a decorative display stand for the sword and the sheath. And for a collector’s sake of satisfaction, each prop has a unique serial number. This genuine buy of yours will make you a ninja mercenary in no time!

Both, Snake Eye’s Katana and Storm Shadow’s Katana prop can be bought separately for a sum of $179.99 each, which is  quite expensive, but, die hard fans won’t mind burning a deep hole in their pockets for this original stuff, am I right? And if your budget doesn’t allows you this one of a kind purchase, then you can take a look at this GI Joe collector’s edition set, the bonus features of which are something to die for.