Neon Genesis Evangelion Kubrick Figures Display Case

neon genesis evangelion kubrick figures

Neon Genesis Evangelion is a popular Japanese franchise from the yesteryears of Anime and Manga, which developed into a cultural phenomenon globally. The characters from the series include Angels, who are actually monsters, Evangelions who are cool and awesome mechas, and teenagers who guide and lead the mechas.

The Rebuild of Evangelion is a quadrilogy of films that bring all these characters and themes back into the 21st century. Shinji Ikari is one of the most recognizable teens who lead the Evangelions to fight the wicked angels. Here are some cool Neon Genesis Evangelion Movie Version Kubricks which look less scary and cuter. The posse includes EVA Unit-01, EVA Unit-00, Shinji Ikari, Rei Ayanami, Fourth Angel, Fifth Angel and a few others as also seen in the Manga Gadgets collection. .

The display case comes with randomly picked up pieces of Kubricks figures. Each display case comes with 24 pieces and each measure about 2 inches with amazing coloring, detailed sculpts, multiple joints and many other cool features like these. Since they are individually packed with random figures, one can’t really predict the actual figures that you may get in your purchased display case.

The Kubricks display case costs $219.99 and is worth every penny you might spend on it. Kubrick Figures like these bring the best out of certain characters and that explains why we are so fond of them. You must check out the Where Wild Things Are Kubrick Figures which are totally cool. You could also check out the Vampire Lucita Action Figure which is nothing less than any of the above mentioned Kubrick Figure.