The Photogenic Space Invaders Polaroid Design

Photography enables man to capture some moments of their short lives forever, in a small frame, and apparently not only men but some geeky Space Invaders are also fond of photography. In order to honor their love for photography the pesky space invaders formed a huge portrait of themselves using the 600 film, the films that are used in the Polaroid cameras.

space invaders polaroid camera design

It seems as though the our little Space Invader game friends hypnotized an earthling into making  them this giant piece of art to depict their love for photography. The story goes like this; Once upon a time the space invaders hypnotized a man called Hoyunrhee and made him to empty almost 3 Walmarts of all their 600 films. After collecting almost 40 such films began the real deal, the tedious task of arranging all the 40 film cartons into one giant Space Invader. Finally after hours of hard work the piece was completed, the ultimate homage a space invader could pay to photography, with a little help from mankind of course!. Sadly our little friends from space hardly received any recognition for their work and our fellow earthling Hoyunrhee took all the credit.

If you would have paid a little more attention to your surroundings, you would have realized that these invaders are everywhere, as your cool ice cubes or designed on your guitar straps. Soon we would have to eat all these invaders in order to keep their numbers in check, don’t believe me? check out these geeky cookies!.