Cirris iPhone App: the Circular Tetris Game

tetris game iphone app cirris

Tetris is back, and it is in a circular form this time around as Cirris, a 3D spawn of the iconic brick game and this version has been designed exclusively as an application for the users of the iPhone and the iPod touch.

tetris game for ipod touch

Most of us have grown up on a healthy diet of Tetris, and Cirris is not going to disappoint you. Although the simplicity of the game has been retained, there is an additional dose of intrigue added this time. The additional dimension might confuse first-timers; however, the intrigue will in time transform into delight once you get a hang of viewing the bricks in multiple planes.

If you find this new-age Tetris game by Bhushan Jain interesting, you can check out the one page website Cirrisapp designed specially for this iPhone application. The webpage also allows you to download the game.

tetris iphone application

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tetris for the iphone