USB Powered Crunching Rocky Balboa is Hilarious!

rocky balboa usb toy action figure

Rocky Balboa, the hardcore boxer portrayed by Sylvester Stallone, is quite dedicated to his passion for fight and never forgets to do the muscle pumping workout and this is quite evident from the USB powered crunching Rocky Balboa toy.

apollo creed usb toy action figure

Easily mistaken for a USB Flash Drive by many, this piece here, is in fact, a toy that goes wild and begins doing crunches and abs as soon as plugged in to the USB input of your machine. The funny franchise is available in choices of the boxing star Rocky, his competitor Apollo Creed and his arch rival, Mr. T. Each toy is separately available from Geek Stuff 4 U for a price of ¥2580, which equal to about $27.4, which doesn’t makes this USB Toy dirt cheap, but, it is definitely something that shouldn’t be missed out if you have a penchant for humor.

mr. t usb toy action figure

One advice though; if you are getting this stuff, try to get all the three figures at a go and plug them together in your USB hub to see the wild action with all three of them trying hard to do the highest number of crunches. If you like this stuff, then you shouldn’t miss out the Movie Characters Cell Phone Charms, where Rocky is depicted as a cute cell phone accessory.