New Zeebo Boomerang Controller Always Comes Back To It’s Owner

For those of you who still have not heard of Zeebo, probably because you might be blinded with all those Xbox 360’s and PS3s, Zeebo is the new gaming console produced by Tectoy, and this is the latest set of controller for this Seventh Generation gaming console, The Boomerang Zeebo.

new zeebo controller boomerang

Zeebo is Brazil’s first official gaming console, the production comes under Tectoy and Qualcomm and is managed by digital distribution. Officially declared during 2008, the first batch of Zeebo rolled out in Brazil on May 25 2009. The Zeebo is a kind of project that aims to capitalize on the unexplored gaming markets of the world, primarily aiming sales in countries like Brazil, Russia, India and China it believes that it can soon take a head to head battle with todays gaming consoles in a matter of few years. The project has the full support and approval of many of the Big Names in the gaming industry like Electronic Arts, Activision, Namco, Capcom and id Software.

New Zeebo Boomerang Controller

Now enough with the short background on the new console, let us move on to the real deal, the Boomerang Controller. The work of Fabio Brazil, this new concept controller is wireless enabled and comes with an inbuilt accelerometer (a motion sensing device), just running parallel to the Wii it has pretty much the same functionality. There are different ways to hold and operate it, different special combinations for each kind of game which makes it incredibly versatile and efficient. So be on the watch, soon you might catch a few flying around your vicinity and one lucky shot might just  knock off the Xbox or the PS3 craze from your mind for ever.

zeebo controller boomerang