Text Talk Pillows Design Make Me ROFL

lol chat talk acronyms pillows

We have seen many icons and logo designs inspired pillows, so now these Text Talk Pillows aren’t really surprising and seem to be made just in time with the growth of chat, social networks and the Internet. The oft used internet text acronyms like brb, OMG, rofl, LOL and bfn do really look cool on these soft pillows. Yeah, these pillows will once again find place in geek homes only.

It is interesting indeed that virtual world and its designs are invading our homes in the form of cool products, home décor and even furnishing.  Why not? These define modern culture and modern ways. So if you are interested in Text Talk Pillows just choose colors and Text (max. 6 letters) and message lilsugarlips right away.

The pillows measure 11 x 14 and come for $15.99. These soft pillows are handmade with soft fleece and filled with polyester fiber filled pillow insert which can be easily removed while washing the cover.  These are ideal for back rest or head rest at home or even while traveling in cars.

Of course Text Talk Pillows seem less geeky than Social Media Icons Pillow Designs and Soft RSS Icon Pillows. But one can have a whole collection of all these modern internet acronym texts, logo design inspired pillows and make your home, office and even car an ultimate geek den.