Nintendo Rubik’s Cube Is Vibrant and Colorful

rubik cube super mario brothers logo

Rubik’s cube is one of the most popular and sometimes hated puzzles in the world, and while the whole world believes Rubik’s cube to be the ultimate way to spend one’s time, there are people who just get annoyed with the cube as it makes them think hard, trying to solve the puzzle.

Perhaps, it would not be too bad if the cube had nice patterns to solve. ExMachina has uploaded a picture about a Nintendo Rubik Cube which has the patterns of 6 video games. With about 6 vibrant colors symbolizing 6 popular Nintendo games, you would never grow tired of solving the Rubik’s cube and its eternal puzzle.

It comes with Green which stands for Triforce (Legend of Zelda), Blue side with the Starfox Logo, White with Kirby’s face, Yellow with Pokeball from Pokemon, Orange with Metroid’s Samus’s logo and last but not the least, a Red side which comes with the pattern of Mario hat’s logo. The artist calls her own artwork “nerdy craftage” but it is indeed cool and interesting! She used some vectors she designed for cubic faces and put on some shiny coats in order to make them look awesome.

I guess if people can think of such innovative puzzles, even the most die-hard hater of puzzles would start liking them. You could check out the previous Super Mario Brothers Rubik’s Cube along with other Rubik’s cubes like the Magnetic Rubik’s Cube. If you do not like to solve Rubik’s cube and it annoys you a lot, just get hold of the Rubik’s Cube Cake and swallow it down.