Ctrl Alt Delete Pendant is Surely Geeky

funny ctrl alt delete

We computer enthusiasts (or geeks, as you say) are proud of what we are and to make our pride more good is this Keyboard keys pendant that’s definitely a geeky charm. This necklace pendant here is made up of recycled keyboard keys and these keys are then oriented according to our choice in a hand cut glass to make a pendant, that makes you pretty cool in the world of geeks.

weird ctrl alt del geeky jewelry

The option available here is the Ctrl + Alt + Delete pendant that may remove all your worries from your database called life. This funky accessory, which is sold by Capitola girl jewelry, is sold with an eighteen inches long black and silver beaded chain. The average sized keys are fitted in square glass tiles of dimension 5mm x 48mm x 48mm and sport a silver plated hook eye and clasps. The pendant comes gift packed and is up on hands for a price of $39.00, which doesn’t makes this necklace what I refer to as cheap, but, then, you don’t get such collectibles everyday, do you?

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