Rubik’s Cube MP3 Design is Quite Bulky for an MP3 player

rubik's cube mp3 player

The Rubik’s Cube has always been quite thrilling for a puzzle, but with time, even it became a little tedious and in such times we remember the humble mp3 player that sits in our drawer. What if by some technological advancement both the infamous cube and the mp3 player get fused to form a single device that promises time pass for hours all together? I guess this is what this designer called Hee Young must have thought when he designed this Rubik Cube Mp3 Player.

cool rubik's cube mp3 player

According to the designer, this player is switched on by twisting the already perfect Rubik’s cube and again switched off by solving it (I hope this is not completely true as it may take you hours or days altogether to solve the cube). The design sports dedicated play, pause and stop buttons for music tracks. I guess that unlike what the creator says, this design can’t twisted both horizontally as well as vertically, unless, of course, if you want that OLED display to break in to pieces.

Although, a great and innovative idea, I don’t think anyone will go in for the practical version of this Rubik’s toy player (and I don’t expect it anytime soon), because there are many sleek and portable Mp3 Players available in the market that can also sport some cool and time pass games or we have the PSP, for that matter, that’s also equally cool and features much more functions, what do you say?

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Via: YankoDesign