An Electronics Charging Station that Can Charge Multiple Gadgets

multi gadget charging station
There is a new addition to the family of multi-utility gadgets – the Refresh Electronics Charging Station, and if you have ever been harangued by the inadequacy of sockets while traveling, this four device recharging station is the ideal solution. Equipped with two USB ports and extra connectors, it is compatible with 1000 different gadgets and is available in both black and white color options. An additional feature is the micro USB charging interface, which enables compatibility with any gadgets released in the near future.

The functionality is not the only USP of this unique device. Attention has also been paid to its appearance, thus making it one of the most coveted gadgets. If you are a gadget freak and don’t wish to leave any of your pretty things behind, the Charging Station will make for an able companion. Specs include 1 mini USB, 2 USB sockets, 1 micro USB, 2 connectors for the iPod and iPhone, 6 in-built connectors and a charging station that holds a minimum of three devices.

It is similar to the Wild Charge in concept and Chargepod by functionality but solves the need more efficiently. It runs for $89.99 at, and seems reasonable considering the many compatible gadgets that can be charged.