Cool Jellyfish Mood Lamp Rejuvenates

cool jellyfish mood lamp

If you are among those who return from work stressed out and in need of some rejuvenation, the Jellyfish Mood Lamp is an ideal companion, as it simulates the experience of Japanese ‘iyashi’ – bathing among the rocks – the mood lamp soothes your senses and introduces a sense of peace in the soul.

It is essentially a jellyfish lamp that has 2 small and 1 large of this magnificent creature swimming in a 12-inch tank. The therapeutic effect is introduced by the LED light display like with the LED Sun Jar, that changes colors (5 different shades) and the jellyfish swimming inside. The motor incorporated into this interesting innovation is quiet to the extent of being considered dysfunctional – an additional element in the experience of serenity that is created.

We give you the spoiler now: The jellyfish are not real, though the design can throw disbelief out of the window. With the hushed up motor complementing the smooth movements of these artificial fishes, you tend to believe that everything is real inside. The motor also features an automatic shutoff function, which cuts off power after 4 hours. The product doesn’t require a battery and is available for $49.99. If you have been wondering what to gift your Japanese guest, this iyashi Jellyfish Mood Lamp is just what the doctor ordered (pun intended!). A note of caution, though! Whenever you decide to change the fluid in the lamp, make sure you use distilled water.