Celebrate Bacon Day with Bacon Inspired Products, Accessories and Designs

This year, Bacon Day falls on September 5th, and this could mean an extremely happy moment in many pork loving fans that enjoy the greasy, yet fulfilling Bacon delight.

In order to celebrate the official, yet not officially announced, day of Bacon, we put together a cool list of many different Bacon related items, accessories, designs, and more that will certainly make Bacon lovers excited.

Take a look at the Bacon Collection and cook yourself a strip or two. Well, while you are at it, go ahead and make it an entire Bacon day with Pigs in a Blanket, BLT sandwich, Bacon bits on your salad and all the other ways to celebrate this wonderful strip of Bacon.

Bacon Scarf

This cool scarf is not greasy or hot off the pan, but it will still keep your neck warm and your Bacon pride strong.

cool bacon scarf design

Bacon Tattoo

So this may be taking it a little overboard, but this Bacon fan simply loves Bacon so much, he never ever wants to be away from the strip and had a colorful tattoo done. At least there are no worries about Cholesterol, Saturated Fat or Calories.

tasty bacon tattoo

Bacon and Egg iPhone Case

Just because you are a Bacon lover, it doesn’t mean you are not into innovative and trendy gadgets, such as the iPhone. If you do own an iPhone, then this cool Bacon and Egg case is a great find and would help you dream of the All
American breakfast at all times of the day.

delicious bacon and egg iphone case

Bacon Wallet

It is not made with real Bacon strips, but instead of having pigs in a blanket, you can have a wallet in a blanket of Bacon strips.

delicious bacon wallet

Bacon Soap

This is not as disgusting as it may seem, for this is just a Bacon scented soap, not made with Bacon.

So for those worrying about being greasier after taking a shower, don’t! But you do have to worry about smelling too tasty for your own good and make sure you don’t end up eating yourself up.

bacon scented bar of soap

Bacon Bottle Sleeve

So you may be a die-hard lover of Bacon, but there are times when other things arrive to your plate. This doesn’t mean you have to betray your favorite strip, for this cool Bacon bottle sleeve can do the trick at Barbecues, family outings and simply when you want to keep your bottle cold and still have Bacon besides you.

delicious bacon bottle sleeve

iPod Shuffle Bacon Sleeve

The old iPod shuffles may not be as hip as before, but with this cool Bacon sleeve, they could still remain protected, dust free and delicious.

ipod shuffle delicious bacon case

Bacon iPhone Sleeve

A different iPhone sleeve that is just Bacon all over, so not one would mistake the design, color, and look of the Bacon strip you cannot be without.

bacon designed iphone sleeve

Bacon Flavored Toothpicks

This is definitely a way to help Bacon lovers keep their teeth clean and also enjoy the Bacon after-taste. It may not be as greasy, but at least you get the flavor even after you already finished the meal.

bacon flavored toothpicks accessory

Bacon Flavored Dental Floss

They say flossing is an important part of your daily routine, and now you are given an incentive with Bacon flavored floss, so while you are flossing your teeth before bed, the flavor does not have to go away so quickly.

bacon flavored dental floss accessory

Bacon Strips Band Aids

In case you scratched yourself or cut some part of your body, you do not have to look at it with a frown, for these Bacon strips are actual band aids to help you get on your way of healing. Is there anything Bacon can’t do?

bacon strips band aids

Bacon Lunchbox

A cool way to carry your lunch to work or school even when Bacon is not a major part of it. This cool lunchbox is designed with the Bacon strip in mind as it surrounds the entire lunchbox and will make other Bacon lovers drool
with jealousy.

yummy bacon lunchbox

Bacon Skateboard

Cool skateboard designs with Bacon stripes all over. There are different designs to choose from and for the old school skaters out there, it may be a unique and different way to skate around.

yummy bacon skateboard

Pig Inspired Gadgets and Designs:

If you don’t just love Bacon but also actual Pigs (not cops), then here are some additional cool finds that may raise your smile even more.

Pig Shaped Speakers

A variety of Pig inspired speakers for your computers or room that look too cute to be true. Some are adorable and others are just to make you snort with laughter.

cute pink pig speakers

Budget Cut Piggy Bank

A true Piggy Bank in order to help us in these difficult economic times by presenting the different things we are saving for by the Pork cuts marked on the actual Pig.

budget cut piggy bank

Pig Swine Flu Mask

There have been many different Swine Flu Surgical Masks, but this is one that definitely means business as it is a true ‘Swine’ mask.

pig swine flu surgical mask