Create Funky Refrigerator Magnets Artwork with Motifo Mosaic Art Pieces!

refrigerator magnet custom artwork

Some geeks find it boring to stick to single color refrigerator for years and especially when the color of the fridge no longer matches with the new paint on the walls or new floor tiles. Of course one can get a new fridge or get the fridge painted too but won’t it be more fun if one could create amazing artwork on the entire fridge door itself! Designer Peter Locke has created Motifo mosaic magnetic packs for creating artwork on your fridge door.

There are various faces and funky designs which can be created with 1296 magnetic pieces of this motifo pack. Moreover these pieces can be rearranged to create something new and different too.  Mosaic patterns do look extremely trendy, artistic and colorful. These will certainly make kitchen more lively and vibrant. Artistically inclined can settle for Mona Lisa whereas rebellious souls can choose Che Guevara for inspiration and film buffs can opt for Audrey Hepburn. One can create one’s own design and artwork too. If one is not interested in covering the entire fridge door then do check out the Cross Stitch Tetris Magnets or the iPhone Icon Fridge Magnets.

cool refrigerator magnet artwork

This motifo pack comes with 1296 individual pieces and runs for only $99 and is an awesome gift idea too. One can lure geeky children from gaming sessions and engage them in this creative activity instead. The space on fridge door will never look blank. It will be your canvas to kill boredom and those who hate spending time in kitchen or want to keep toddlers away from fridge can make scary faces out of these pieces too.