Facebook Fan Check App Virus Warning

facebook app virus

It seems that Facebook may have presented a new vulnaribilty with a new possible Facebook virus which is enacted with the Facebook Fan Check Application. Although it is not fully confirmed yet, and no word has been heard from Facebook, more than a few have reported issues after the installation of this App.

The Facebook Fan Check Application is aimed to show the number of friends you have and allow you to post so as an RSS within your account, thus updating with every new friend you acquire. At the moment, this application states that it is “adding new features and new capacity”, including informing that doing so “could take a few days”.

facebook fan check app virus

Once the Fan Check App is installed, your Facebook account will be infected, including sending so as a virus to your Facebook friends – Some have already mentioned that their account email and password was changed.

Although no official confirmation has been made regarding the Facebook Fan Check Virus, caution should be exercised: So don’t Install this App just yet!; we wouldn’t want you to lose access to your Facebook account or hurt your circle of friends in any way.

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Via: DeviceMag