Green Lantern Neon Lamp Is A Different Take On Superhero Collectibles

green lantern neon lamp collectible

Products that draw inspiration from superhero comics such as are quite common these days and yet, whenever there is a new release, our eyes light up, and the impact was no different when we stumbled across this Green Lantern projection display unit. Fans of the iconic comic strip will find in this product the gratification they seek, as the Green Lantern logo can be flashed on to any surface whenever you feel low and need an instant ‘energy boost’. It also makes for a great display case item, performing the collectible role to a ‘T’.

The Green Lantern sign unit comes with a base unit that flashes the logo with the help of a neon bulb, and the base unit can be fixed either on a wall or placed on your desktop. For power, it uses a plug-in UL-adapter. The logo generated by the unit is about 9 inches in height and 7 inches in width. The whole package comes in a neat 4-color box and runs for $83.

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Via: Entertainmentearth