iWood iPhone Cell Guard

wood iphone case

For nature lovers who own an iPhone, here is a treat: an iPhone case made up of wood called iWood, which answers the the needs of those around who have realized the harmful effects of global warming and like the designer nezgsy, they are trying their best to help save the nature.

Although, people don’t expect anything fun made up of wood, this iWood iPhone case will surely make them rethink on the issue for it not just protects the iPhone from falls and shocks but it also proves to be a great stand to keep your iPhone on with an additional accessory giving you great comfort in watching videos. And for those of you who think that matte finish, which is seen in metals and plastic is the most classy stuff, then a look at these pictures of the iWood would surely change your mind. The wood made cover not just looks class apart but also very plush and rich. Also, unlike sleeves, you don’t have to remove the case every time you want to use your iPhone.

As in for pricing and selling of this stuff, there is no news in the blogsphere, but, those of you who desire to own one of these beauties make sure you contact the user who made this. All in all, this iWood falls in my category of cool iPhone accessories. For those with a sweet tooth, we have the Chocolate iPhone Case and Pop Tart iPhone Sleeve.